Here Is A Quick Cure For ENGAGEMENT RING TREND IN 2020

Sometimes it could be overwhelming for us to pick the perfect, one of a kind engagement ring. Because that moment may only happen once in your lifetime and it is deserved to be remembered. There are so many options out there, so many different cuts you can choose from. Well if you are looking for some recommendations or inspiration, keep reading it!

Baguette-cut diamond 

Baguette-shaped diamond has been growing in popularity for a while. It has its reason to be popular because more and more brides choose to move away from the traditional round shape diamond. The enlongated silhouette really makes the diamond stand out. 

Fancy eternity bands

Just by the name, it has every single reason to be one of the most trendy engagement style. Also, it's stackable and versatile for daily wear. Colour stone is another great option since the colour contrast brings out the unique and personality of the ring. 


Delicated halos

Halo is still in the game in 2020 for sure and we see a huge opportunity for gemstone halo engagement ring too. Instead of a diamond, bribes are more and more prefer to choose gemstone for a halo ring. It is definitely timeless and classic. 


Three stone ring 

Princess Harry pushes three stone engagement ring to another new height when he proposed to Megan with a customized three stone diamond ring. People instantly pay more attention to it and it soon comes to the frontline of the wedding and engagement ring trend. 

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