Facts about Silver

Silver is the most commonly used material for jewelry. 99% pure silver is actually not the perfect option for jewelry making because of its softness. As being a substitute for it, S925 silver is the one.


S925 silver, is a type of silver mixed with another metal(normally is copper), and the percentage of silver is 92.5%. The mixed metal adds more durability and hardness to the silver. 


The result of this process gives the unique color to the jewelry: metallic, shiny and bright. However, it cannot be ignored that silver is prone to tarnish. 

But don't you worry about that, we will tell you the secrets of keeping silver jewelry shiny in a minute. 


Now, it is time for us to reveal the tips for taking care of silver jewelry.

  • Avoid to expose it to the air, water and chemicals 

  • Direct sunlight is a big no no

  • Sulfur is the enemy of silver, things contain sulfur: wool, rubber,etc. 

  • Wash it with mild soap warm water

  • Baking soda and water

  • Lemon juice with olive oil(ratio: 0.5:1) 



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