How to build an online jewelry business during the epidemic

 As a matter of fact that self-quarantine will protect us from the horrible covid-19. However, with the longer time it lasts, the more spare time we've got. Then the question is raising: Why not taking this advantage of time into building some real business?

Step 1: What kind of business?
One of the most low-cost and stable businesses is Jewelry and it has a wide and unlimited target customer group.
Step 2: Register for an online shop
E-commence is no longer a new thing nowadays and it still is a terrific way to start your own small business without investing more money.
Step 3: Product
Well, product is the core strength for the retailing business. It has to be close enough to your customers' needs and your brand identity. Stay updated with the industry and current trend, it will inspire you for more brilliant ideas.
Step 4 : How to adjust the marketing strategy during this time?
Clearly, some specific strategies are needed for this time.
  • Don't hijack the news and try to catfish more clicks by using some misleading titles
  • Change the tweets that were prepared before into something more appropriate to the current situation.

Step 5: Resource and supplier
Due to the pandemic, loads of factories have been shut down and maybe you are looking for some new suppliers and distributors. In this case, stable and professional are the two premises to look at.
At the end of the day, safty and positive energy are all we need. In this battle, we must WIN.


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