Mother's Day Gift Guide

With Mother's Day just around the corner, you may be wondering how you can best express your love for mom. I believe everyone is looking for the perfect gift when the day is coming.

I believe everyone has a long gift list for this specific day, and it is hard to pick the best and perfect one out of it. So here comes a few advises for you:


For this special and meaningful necklace, it's made from high-quality S925 silver, and with a clear CZ stone in the middle as well as rounded with the engraving of 'always my mother, forever my friend'

For the second one, which is also made from S925 silver with high-quality CZ stones. It is the perfect necklace, showing appreciation to your mom. 

Here we have the must-have in the mother's day collection. We specifically design this pattern for Mother's Day collection this year. It is perfect for young moms and expectant moms. 

Stop wearing matching necklaces with your lovers, we got you something different for you and your mom, too. The cut-out heart shape necklace set is an interesting design that shows the connection between you and your mom. 

You never go wrong with Wishbone ring, in fact, wishbone anything. This versatile and dainty S925 ring is perfect for daily wear and stack up with other rings.


We save the best for the last, introducing this lovely S925 silver necklace in the sapphire pendant. Sapphire adds a little bit elegant touch to it and makes it looks more luxurious. 

If you are new and know not so much about silver jewelry, don't worry, we have a post of basic silver jewelry knowledge for your reference.

I hope this gift guide truly helps you out and everyone can feel loved and appreciated in Mother's Day. 

Kadartsilver presents. 

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